NMS Grading & Retake Procedures

NMS Grading and Retake Procedures


What do grades mean, show or represent for NMS students?

Grades are based on student achievement of standards and indicators defined by the District curriculum. They should represent the students' knowledge not behavior. 


What amount of credit might be given for retakes of assignments/assessments?

Students will be given the opportunity to earn full credit on retakes. The grade will reflect the student’s achievement at the time of the retake. Teachers will document retakes on Synergy.


How retakes, re-teaching and re-learning will look at NMS. 

Retakes can only occur after re-teaching happens. Re-teaching is a teacher and student interaction where the students have the chance to relearn the material.

Retakes may be given for the strands of data the student was not successful with. The student would not need to retake the entire assignment/assessment. Students could also retake the entire assignment/assessment, if appropriate.

Retake practices for formative and summative assignments and assessments:

Students are required to retake formative assignments/assessments that fall below 77% on the first attempt; however, all students have one opportunity to retake assignments/assessments above 77% if they choose. Summative assessments or summative projects (IB-MYP assessments) can be re-assessed based on teacher discretion.


Timeline for retakes:

Retakes on formative assignments/assessments should be taken before the summative assessment or summative project is due.



Formative Assessment: Assessments designed to provide data/information to teachers for instructional improvement and/or adjustment to meet individual student’s needs. (i.e. Daily Assignments, Homework, Quizzes)

Summative Assessment: Assessments/evaluation designed to provide data/information to be used in making judgements about the student’s achievement at the end of a period of instruction by comparing it against some standard or benchmark. (i.e. Unit Test, MYP Projects)