Welcome to Millard North Middle School, Home of the Mustangs!  

Millard North Middle School is a school of choice, it is an International Baccalaureate (IB) School. We attract students from all across Millard and the Metro area who are seeking a unique, and well-rounded educational experience. Being an IB School allows us to deliver our district curriculum using instructional methods and strategies that are geared towards creating lifelong learners and inquiring minds.

Every day, and through every interaction, we challenge students to think more critically, challenge assumptions and consider both the local and global contexts of everything they are learning. We strive to develop students who will build a better world through intercultural understanding and respect. These aspirations are the lifeblood of our school and built into every aspect of the students’ experience. 

Our staff takes pride in creating an environment and culture that is family-focused, authentic, and caring. We care about each other and our students, just like we care about our own children and families at home. Middle school is an exciting new chapter for students. Our efforts to create a family feel while making sure each student feels a sense of belonging and connection to their teachers and peers is the foundation of our student's high levels of success. 

We want you and your child to have a wonderful experience at Millard North Middle School during these very special years of young adolescence! If you would like more information about attendance at North Middle School, please contact the main office at 402-715-1280.


Dr. Scott Ingwerson