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Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in children ages 10-14 years old. The Millard Public School district takes this issue very seriously and requires counselors, social workers and school psychologists to present information on signs of depression and suicide and prevention yearly to all students in middle school and high school. They will also be addressing the importance of reporting if students are concerned about another person who may be exhibiting these signs. 

During this time all students will complete a screener for depression and potential suicidal ideation. All students who flag out will speak directly to and privately with a counselor, social worker or psychologist before leaving school the day they complete the screener. If your child flags out at risk, you will also be receiving a phone call the day your child completes the screener. Student safety and mental health are our most important concerns. Please call your child's grade level counselor if you have any questions or concerns. 

rSchoolToday Activity Scheduler

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Hello Mustang Families!

This year we are happy to announce that we are joining the metro area schools in using rSchoolToday to communicate all events happening at NMS including: athletics, clubs, and activities! rSchool will allow you to easily view all of your student's extra-curricular activity schedules and will be the most up-to-date place to look for scheduling of all school events.

rSchool allows parents and students to view schedules for both single and multiple activities. Viewers can select specific activities and view a combined schedule for all of those activities. For example, if your student plays volleyball, is in the school musical, and attends art club, you can select each of those activities and generate one combined schedule.


Q: How can I access rSchool?
A: rSchool can be accessed from 3 separate links on the NMS Home Page

● "Activities Schedule" tab on the left side of the NMS Home Page
● Under the "Parents" tab on the top banner of the NMS Home Page (select "Activities Schedule" under that tab)
● Towards the bottom left section of the NMS Home Page under "Calendar" (you can select the link "New Activities Calendar HERE")

You can also follow this link directly:
By following this link:

Q: How do I view all NMS events and activities?
A: When you access the rSchool site, the calendar that appears on that main page is a comprehensive calendar of all NMS School Events, Athletics, Activities, and Club meetings. You can view the calendar by month, week, or day.

Q: How do I view a combined schedule for multiple activities?
A: On the right side of the rSchool page, under "view schedules" you can select multiple activities. Then, click the "view" button, and a customized calendar will pop up.

Q: What if schedules change?
A: Through rSchool, you can create an account to be notified via text of any changes in schedules. Select "notify me" on the right side menu and create an account.

Q: Is there a mobile app I can download?
A: Yes! "rSchool Today" is downloadable as a mobile app in the App Store and Google Play.

Please note: We have uploaded all athletic dates for Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country, and are working next to upload Club and Activity meeting dates.

2019-2020 Welcome Back!

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2019-2020 Welcome Back!  We are excited to welcome you all to another school year here at MNMS. Please click the link below for important information regarding the 1st day of school, Monday's traffic plan, and daily schedules: Check it out here!

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