Student Led Conferences


Dates for Student Led Conferences

 February 12
 February 13


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Our spring 2018 Student Led Conferences will be held during the following times: Monday, February 12th from 4:30-8:00 PM and Tuesday, February 13th from 4:30-8:00 PM.


The main purpose of our student led conferences is to effectively communicate information about a student’s performance, achievement and other pertinent information. 

The purposeful intentions of student-led conferences are:

          to facilitate responsibility and ownership in students for their learning 

          to improve communication between stakeholders and develop a shared plan

          to build community through a collaborative experience and celebrate student success


This year we will again be using the conference scheduling program “Pick-A-Time.” Below are the step by step directions of how to schedule your appointment.


Please follow the directions below:


•Before you get started YOU WILL NEED YOUR STUDENT'S ID NUMBER AND DATE OF BIRTH. The student ID number is the number that they are assigned from the district the day that they enroll. It is also the number that they use each day to purchase their lunches.


•The website is  (Parents can access the website by going to a link via the NMS web page and/or Parent Portal.)


•Enter your email address and push “Login/Create Account.” Fill in the required fields.


•The next screen will be where you enter your child’s student ID in the top box and your student’s birthday in the second box in a MM/DD/YYYY format.


•You will then be shown the available times for your conferences.  You will be registering your conference with your student’s Science teacher.  During the conference time, you will be able to converse with your child’s teachers. Click on the area next to the time you prefer and this will schedule your conference. If a box next to your desired time is blacked out, that time is no longer available and you will need to choose a different time. Schedule early to get the time you want.


•You will then be shown a confirmation page with your conference time, date and teacher. This page can be printed as a future reminder.


•An email will be automatically sent to the address verifying the appointment. If parents change or delete the conference, they will get new emails regarding the change.


•In cases where parents need to schedule additional conference times for other children who attend NMS, simply click on the return button on the confirmation page and it will allow you to schedule another appointment for another student. Simply repeat the steps above.


You may begin making appointments via “pick a time” on January. 29th at 6:00 AM. The window to schedule an appointment through “pick a time” will close on February 12th at noon. 

If you do not have access to a computer, missed the window to sign up for conferences, or if you have questions, please contact Dawn Ennis at 402-715-1281 or at between 8:00-3:30 on school days.