NMS PRIDE Time Program

PRIDE stands for Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort. We, as adults, are not perfect and our students are not perfect. There are many of us (adults) who forget things at home, come to work late from time to time or make a number of other mistakes in our daily lives. Our students deserve the same respect or grace from time to time. Are we looking for “Effort” or perfection (with a free pass)?

In an attempt to give us all a clear focus or foundation to base our decisions, if a student earns PRIDE Time or not think of this question:
Did the student show “effort” and “try” to complete the assignment?
 If the answer is YES then for most all situations the student would NOT earn PRIDE Time.
 If the answer is NO then for most all situations the student WOULD earn PRIDE Time.

Students will follow the “PRIDE” (Personal Responsibility in Daily Efforts) Program established at Millard North Middle School. Every assignment, paper, project, quiz, and test will be considered a “PRIDE” item, whether it is graded or not:
 If the assignment and/or project is not 77% complete or not turned in, students will be assigned PRIDE Time.
 Students will attend PRIDE Time until 3:30 p.m.
 The student will attend PRIDE Time on the day the assignment is due or possibly the following day (must be approved by the teacher or administrator).

o Exceptions to this rule are by administrator/teacher discretion.

 Skipping PRIDE Time results in a detention, parent contact, and possible further consequence by an administrator.
 If late/missing work continues to be an issue, students will be identified by teams to qualify for further intervention programs supported by administrators. Parents and students will be given additional information regarding this program if the student is recommended for it.
 Students must bring their Millard North Middle School planner with them every day to every class. This planner will be used to ensure students are complying with Millard North Middle School expectations and the PRIDE program.

**PRIDE Time will be available Monday-Friday from 3:00-3:30 p.m. in each grade level hallway. PRIDE Time will be supervised by Millard North Middle School teachers.