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Daily School Announcements


Thursday, February 21  – B Day


2/20 - Marco Morcous

2/21- No Birthdays today

2/22- Jared Cueva Zuniga, Esai Pieper, Darien Rankin, Alaina Wieck, Jackzen Hayes

Weekend Birthdays: Suneet Chokkara, Lilly Ballard, Tyrus Peacock

Attn Bus riders - Tickets can be purchased before school, during lunch and guided study!!

It is that time of year again and sneezing and running noses are all around.  The only thing missing are the tissues to help make it better. If you could donate a box or two it would be greatly appreciated.  

We have fliers available in the main off for:

Millard North Junior Mustangs Basketball team, Millard United Jr. Mustangs Football team, Volleyball players  interested in a volleyball clinic, Learn to swim program for Spring and Summer and s Millard North Summer Activities Camps Registration form.