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Daily School Announcements

DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Thursday, March 12 – A Day


3/12 - Akshat Magesh, Sriman Dooshetty, Venmathi Vanchynathan Ahalya, Jayden Miller

3/13 - Chase Morris, Ashton Hussman

Spring Break Birthdays: Sadie Hugelman, Elizabeth Lupercio, Benjamin Clanton, Matthew Um, Aidyn Hutchinson, Lily Norton, Lydia Holewinski, Emanuel Nunez, Amelia Wheeler, Harmony Banwo, Triley Luna, Wyatt Gleason, Trung Le, Sanjay Rajjan, Ella Prindle, Chase Collins, Victoria Montero Salas, Christopher Rehn, Kelly Wong, Samantha DeGeorge, Vennela Kethu

Attn Bus riders - Tickets can be purchased before school, during lunch and guided study!!


As the weather continues to get warmer this spring, this is your reminder of our school dress code. Clothing too tight, too short or too revealing is not appropriate for school. Tops must have a 2 inch or wider strap. Shorts must be mid-thigh in length. Shirts must cover your stomachs and backs. Jeans with holes in them may also be unacceptable to wear at school. Pants must also be worn at the hip level and not sagging. Hats, caps, bandanas, jackets and all other outerwear must be kept in your locker. Any clothing that reflects a lack of sensitivity or respect of others is not acceptable. You may be asked to change clothing or cover up revealing clothes if you don't follow the dress code.