Club         Sponsors
 6th Grade Book Club                      Ms. Curtis, Mrs. Schulte
 7th/8th Grade Book Club      Ms. Brablec, Ms. Curtis
 Art Club      Mrs. Schramm, Mrs. Castillo    
 Asset Club  Mrs. Andersen
 Chess Club  Mrs. Osborne, Ms. Haupt
 Circle of Friends  Mrs. Brewer
 Cross Country  Mrs. John, Ms. Schwarzenberger
 Drama  Mrs. Schramm, Mrs. Stalnaker
 Drug Free (Youth to Youth)  Mrs. John, Ms. Schwarzenberger
 Forensics  Mr. Learned, Ms. Moerles
 Games Mr. Herman, Ms. DeVries
 Honors Art Club  Mrs. Castillo, Mrs. Schramm
 International Club      Mrs. John, Ms. Schwarzenberger
 Jazz Band      Mrs. Seville
 Jump Start  Mrs. Stalnaker
 Math Counts Mrs.King
 MSR Leader Ms. Plaza
 Musical Ms. Andersen, Mrs. Brown
 Outdoor Club Mr. Schultz, Mr. Mehlin
 Paybac Mrs. Castillo
 Robotics Mr. Herman
 School Play Mrs. Castillo, Mrs. Stalnaker
 Stitchery Mrs. Jizba
 Student Council Ms. Brown, Ms. Avilla
 Swing Choir Mrs. Brown
 Volunteer Club Ms. Brablec, Ms. Katsiris, Mrs. Linnel (Coordinator)
 Wits Clash Ms. Hall
 Yearbook Mrs. King, Ms. Redman