40 Assets

Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets® are positive experiences and qualities that Millard Public Schools believes kids need to have in order to be successful in life.   We believe that these assets have the power to influence the choices kids make and help them become caring, responsible adults.

At Millard North Middle School, our focus is to build the external supports and internal strengths, or assets, of our students at school, home and in the community.  At school, we work to incorporate an Asset Category of the Month into our counseling curriculum and our everyday activities.  We are intentional about building assets through a variety of classroom activities, sports, clubs, and programs.  We also try to connect school, home, and community through our newsletters and PAYBAC program.  The 40 Developmental Assets allows us to have a specific framework to accomplish our mission that "guarantees all students will acquire the academic and life skills necessary for personal success and responsible living in a global society."

Please click on the link below to help build assets in your child at home.

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